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  by kind permission of  Elkin Memorial WLOL 141



In the month of July on the hill at Drumcree  

A stand it was taken to keep Ulster free,

Some residents said you're not walking down here

The commission agreed because of their fear.



Now Portadown District want only their right

And 'til it's restored they'll stay day and night,

The wire is sharp and the trench it is deep

Off the Garvaghy Road for the Brethren to keep.


On roads far and wide their call was the same

Our culture to stamp out was clearly the aim,

The Order agreed that the time was here now

To the voice of Sinn Fein our knee will n'er bow


On the power of the sash they now focus their hate

And if we are united itís still not too late,

By bomb and by bullet they tried to defeat

But the spirit of Ulster cannot be beat.  


The future of Orange we now must defend

But dignity keep please right up to the end,

The rights we demand are for one and for all

Stay banded together for divided we'll fall.


Our foes they are many our friends number few

As history shows us here nothing is new,

So look to our fathers who died for this land

The Lord in the middle they stood hand in hand.


He did not forsake them He heard them then pray

If we call to Him now He will hear us today,

So ask Him for guidance to show us His will

For through the Lord Jesus is the way of that hill.


© The Elkin Memorial, WLOL 141

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